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We are a Qualified and Experience Team of Engineers which are involving in Filtration Business. Our most of Engineers are well trained and having wast experience more than 15-20 years of experience. They always ready to providing Industrial and Hydraulic Filter to the Indian Industry. We can design and select the Filter Cartridge based from Fluid Parameters. We have a wide range of it. We can manufacture required filter housing in C.S., M.S., M.S.R.L., S.S. 316, S.S. 304 and provide total satisfaction towards customers.

We are capable to offer Filters the most demanding applications from single source. For using of any specific filter element for a given application, there are several guidelines which must be followed. There are also many variables which are also need to be considered.

Filter Selection & Sizing

Following parameters are to be considered for selection of the filter :

  • Fluid to be filtered
  • Flow rate
  • Filtration rating (Micron – Cut off)
  • Pressure (Operating / Design)
  • Temperature (Operating / Design)


  • Viscosity of the fluid at operating temperature
  • Load of suspended particles
  • Continuous or batch process – Batch size etc..
  • Line Size Required.
  • Brief about up / down stream process.


Any Combination of these factors can impact final selection.


for doing Micron Filtration, Economics is must. We, have experience team of engineers who solve our all economical problems. Micron Filtration is very complex design.


The most important thing in micron filtration is Reliability. Arbitrary Micrometer gives micron rating to the media. It is very important to selecting proper filter media for particular application. We have our own Bubble Point Test for Sintered S.S. and S.S. Wire-mesh media.

Consistency & Re-Productivity

In Filter Media, we must have consistency and re-productivity. We try to make nominal, absolute Beta or up to 1010 Bacterial Aerosol Challenge Tested Cartridges depend upon the application.

Ease Of Use

It is very Ease in use which are considered during sizing and designing of the system. We give quick opening of housing to replace/remove the Cartridge easily.